IPMCE - Lebedev Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences
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Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences (IPMCE) is one of the leading Russian centers for research and development in advanced computer and communication technologies Actually Russia possesses 10—12 % of world’s scientific potential. The abundance of High-Tech R&D specialists is due in large part to Russia’s history in the former Soviet Union IPMCE is one of the major contributors to the national High-Tech/IT knowledge base and engaged in a broad R&D spectrum. More than 500 researchers and engineers conduct R&D with an applied focus in IPMCE
Design, development and verification of onboard systems. We have fifty-year experience of hardware and development of embedded customized software. We provide full-service development of customized software: Design, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance.
High-performance computing on dataflow model foundation. Wireless self-organizing, fail-safe networks composed of midget electronic devices. Biotelemetric monitoring system of basic physiological data of biological targets.
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